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“I have never come across another investigative company that is better able to provide information that is just not available anywhere else. [Cachet’s] investigators are personable and professional and have always combined the skill, competence and discretion required by my clients.”

Tracy Montgomery
Former Due Diligence Investigator
Deloitte & Touche


Financial Investigations and Business Intelligence

The Most Precious Information
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Cachet International is a dynamic provider of global investigative business intelligence and risk mitigation services to corporate, legal, government and private entities in over 160 countries worldwide.

Your Needs. When searching for hidden assets ... acquiring a business ... performing due diligence for a major loan or investment ... hiring a key executive ... doing business with strangers in strange lands ... uncovering fraudulent practices ... or waging high-stakes litigation, not having crucial information and intelligence (there is a difference) about a company or individual can mean the difference between winning and losing, success and failure, survival and ruin.

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