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Is a Bank Receipt of Deposit Reliable Proof of the Existence and/or Ownership of a Bank Account? While a bank deposit receipt may be a good indicator of the existence of an account or the identity of the account holder, it is not completely reliable as “proof” by itself.

Asset Recovery: Would a Bank Lie? A look at basic evasion tactics that some banks use to foil the efforts of asset recovery lawyers.

Former EU Official Among Politicians Named in New Leak of Offshore Files from The Bahamas ICIJ reports that a cache of leaked documents provides names of politicians and others linked to more than 175,000 Bahamian companies registered between 1990 and 2016

Hidden Assets, Nominee Directors and Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs) Despite their concealment efforts, UBOs can often be identified through painstaking investigative research, potentially leading to the location and identification of their valuable hidden assets.

Converting Intelligence into Court-Admissible Evidence The intelligence shows where the debtor's accounts are — but what now? (Part 2 of 2)

Panama Papers to Be Released May 9 ICIJ publication of the Panama Papers database will include ‘more than 200,000 companies, trusts foundations and funds.

The Panama Papers and ‘Data for Sale’: Caveat Emptor Anyone claiming to have access to the entire Panama Papers database and offering traces for payment should be viewed with skepticism.

The Panama Papers: Where Are the Americans? For a variety of reasons, many of the names contained in the Panama Papers may avoid the public spotlight.

Asset Investigations: How ‘Intelligence’ Can Be More Valuable than Evidence A fascinating case study illustrates how inadmissible intelligence helped unravel a complicated and apparently bullet-proof scheme to hide assets. (Part 1 of 2)

How Bitcoins Are Used to Conceal Assets and Launder Money Bitcoin transactions are currently quite difficult to trace, which is why Bitcoin has been associated with illicit activity.

The Use of Dissolved Companies to Conceal Assets A “dead” corporation can continue to acquire assets for years after it becomes legally defunct.


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